FoxIE: Modern browsers & standards

Who said that Microsoft employee throws water balloons whenever they see a Mozilla employee? And who said that a Mozilla employee make nodes laces of Microsoft employee each time they see us at conferences? We are both companies, doing Web browsers, working for a more open Web, and liking Web standards! Let me introduce you … Continued

Code Your Art Out-er Kowsheek Mahmood!

An interview with Code Your Art Out-er Kowsheek Mahmood, as he touches on why he decided to particpate and what prompted him to pick the project for The Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada.

Open Source and Microsoft Panel Discussion

Does Microsoft really care about Open Source? Is it “part of a ploy” or an earnest effort to “build bridges”? What does Microsoft do with Open Source communities & projects? This panel is your opportunity to find out! Here’s your chance to ask questions, voice your concerns, offer ideas, suggestions and vent, if you’re so inclined. Guaranteed to be a lively discussion!

Open Source Week Vancouver

As part of the developer & Open Source community in Canada, Microsoft is helping to orchestrate an Open Source Week in Vancouver. We are pleased to confirm six events, starting with a Joomla User Group Meet-Up happening on the evening of May 3rd. Closing out the week is Microsoft’s Make Web Not War. This one-day conference focuses on the latest Open Source and Microsoft technologies available to the ever-evolving web community. This is an exciting week, with a lot of great people getting together and talking about the amazing things that can happen when technologies and communities unite. Vive Vancouver!

Interview with Code Your Art Out-er Michael Nussbacher

Check out our interview with Code Your Art Out-er Michael Nussbacher, as he tells us his interest in helping people and making life easier for people through applying web development and how Epilogger was born.