And the MWNW Icon Design contest winner goes to…

Since the re-launch in October 2013, Make Web Not War has truly grown into a diverse community of developers, designers, and technologists. All across Canada, tech enthusiasts are bringing their best ideas to the table and coming together to build awesome technology solutions. So we thought, what better way to help these passionate folks stay … Continued


DEADLINE EXTENDED: Wednesday December 11th, 2013 Make Web Not War (MWNW) is a passionate community of tech and design enthusiasts across Canada supporting everything that is open: Open Standards, Open Source, and Open Data.  Whether you like .Net, PHP, Python, Java, Ruby, use open source or commercial software (or both) Make Web Not War is … Continued

Web or native application, that is the question

To paraphrase the friend Christian Heilmann, comparing Web application, and native application is like comparing oranges, and apples. Notwithstanding, you probably had or you’ll have to ask yourself whether you’ll create a native application or a Web application for your product or game idea. I hardly think that it’s more about the pros, and the cons … Continued

Developer Movement Virtual Camps

As part of the Developer Movement program, we wanted to offer you some online camps to get you up, and running on all our amazing technologies. I don’t know about you, but even if I can learn by myself, I always enjoy watching some expert talks about what they know the most, do some code demos, … Continued

Unity adds support for Windows 8, Nintendo Wii U, and Windows Phone 8

Want to build your game once and put it on multiple platforms? Unity has announced they are adding support for Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Nintendo Wii U. It’s a problem all game developers face. Which platform will I build for? Android, iOS, Xbox Indie Games, Windows 8, Windows Phone, Nintendo, web, the list … Continued

Make Web Not War Webcamp is back with awesome new content

DUE TO SITUATION OUT OF OUR CONTROL, THE EVENT HAS BEEN REPORTER TO SEPTEMBER. MORE INFORMATION ON THIS BLOG IN SEPTEMBER. THANKS! We got so many people who asked us to do another Webcamp after our first one, that there wasn’t a way for us to say no. So by popular requests, we will have … Continued