Submitting your first pull request

Over the last few years, we have seen a big shift in the .NET community towards open source. In addition to a huge number of open source community led projects, we have also seen Microsoft move major portions of the .NET framework over to GitHub. With all these packages out in the wild, the opportunities … Continued

Developer Movement Virtual Camps

As part of the Developer Movement program, we wanted to offer you some online camps to get you up, and running on all our amazing technologies. I don’t know about you, but even if I can learn by myself, I always enjoy watching some expert talks about what they know the most, do some code demos, … Continued

Open Source & Microsoft, some resources

Are you serious? A blog post about Microsoft, and Open Source! Yes, we have been playing well with others for a couple of years now, and I think it would be nice to let you know about some resources for you. Open at Microsoft – This is site is the main place about everything … Continued

Party in the Cloud, Everyone’s Invited

Windows Azure™ is an open cloud platform that allows many different technologies to run so that developers don’t have to choose. Your application may not be written in .NET, you may not know .NET, but you can still use Windows Azure to take your applications to the next level. The Microsoft Cloud, Windows Azure™, is … Continued

ConFoo 2012: Call for Papers is Now Open!

Confoo is looking for the best speakers willing to share their skills and experience with developers and managers. This year, Confoo is dedicated to software development, project management and best practices. The technical part covers different aspects of Web development such as: PHP, Python, Ruby, .Net, Java, security, content management systems, frameworks, databases, system administration, … Continued

Most Popular Programming Languages

Computers have become a major part of our lives and in many ways an extension of ourselves. We use computers to communicate, to organize, store and retrieve mass amounts of information, and what makes all of this possible are programming languages. Programming languages make our computers intelligent. They control the machine’s behavior and act as … Continued