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Open Government Tour 2014

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On July 2nd, 2014, I will take off on a Cross-Canada motorcycle tour in an attempt to bring attention to the Open Government & Open Data movements. This post will acts as a kind of “homebase” (along with my personal

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Why APIs Should Be the Default for Publishing Open Data

By Chris Metcalf & Patrick Hasseries   This post originally appeared on the Socrata blog. Socrata is a Seattle-based software company and pioneer of the open data movement. In a world where government data is an economic commodity and a

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Collection of Open Gov & Open Data Memes

Holy Grail - Open Gov - GIF

I don’t think #OpenGov and #OpenData get the respect they deserve…so, I figured what better way than to create a few memes in their honour?  Since this will be a growing list, please let me know your favourite and any

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Hackathon Challenges Developers to Improve Automated Coding of Development Data


This blog post first appeared on The AidData Blog: The First Tranche and is written by David Rust-Smith, an Application Developer working with AidData partner Development Gateway. In January, I attended the Developers for Development hackathon in Montreal hosted by the

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The dream weekend at #ODDTO14


I had the pleasure of being part of the Open Data Day celebration in Toronto as one of the organizers this past weekend. International Open Data Day was on February 22, 2014. Over 110 cities around the world celebrate by

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Converting Spatial Data


In my last post I discussed the most common spatial data formats that you are likely to encounter when dealing with open spatial data sources. The goal of this series of articles on spatial data is to help you deal

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