What is Open Data Speed Dating?

Last fall, I participated in the GTEC 2013 “Open Data Speed Dating” session where Open Data Enthusiasts (such as myself) were paired up with Open Data Curators (such as people who run the Canadian and Vancouver Open Data Portals).  There were 19 tables in total.  At 5 minutes per table.  That’s 95min of hard core, sound-bite driven, Open Data … Continued

The Universal Constant of Open Government and Open Data

Open Government and Open Data have the potential to change everything…and in a good way. Those who are in the space would agree with me. Those who are NOT in the space would say that I’m seeing the World in rose coloured glasses. The thing that makes OpenGov/OpenData so different is that it is rooted … Continued

Open Data Playgrounds

I’m often asked by Open Data Curators “what can I do to help you with our Data Sets?” And my standard answer has consistently been “create Open Data Playgrounds.” CSV, ESRI Shapefile, XML, JSON…these aren’t exactly file-types that are common amongst your average Canadian. Quite the opposite. They are very specific types of files that … Continued

Crowdsourcing Errors in Government Open Data Sets

One of the many things I enjoy is digging around with data…you know, finding trends and stats that either surprise or confirm your suspicions….however, this time around, I decided to do it just for fun.  To poke around in data that I have no vested interest in, and on the surface has no real value … Continued