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Canadian Open Data Institute connects our local open data communities

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The Canadian Open Data Institute (also known as CODI) is an organization that helps drive the open data ecosystem in Canada. Following the footsteps of the Open Data Institute in the United Kingdom, CODI has been connecting local open data

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Open Government Turtle

Open Gov Turtle

Although the official Open Government Tour launches on July 2nd in Toronto, I figured it would be important to hold “practice” events where I could test my camping gear and the format of the events. Think of it as a

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Play in Peel app increases youth participation in local recreation activities

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Back in October 2013, the Peel Children and Youth Initiative  in partnership with Web Nodes and Microsoft released the beta version of the Play in Peel app (see original story). Thanks to the feedback from children and youth in Peel region, we

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Open Government Tour – Gear Up Events

Although the Open Government Tour doesn’t officially launch until July 2nd, there will be a few “Gear Up Events” in the Greater Toronto Area that people can attend 1) June 16 – Niagara Region 2) June 17 – Peel Region

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Open Government Tour 2014

Logo - OpenGov Tour

On July 2nd, 2014, I will take off on a Cross-Canada motorcycle tour in an attempt to bring attention to the Open Government & Open Data movements. This post will acts as a kind of “homebase” (along with my personal

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Collection of Open Gov & Open Data Memes

Holy Grail - Open Gov - GIF

I don’t think #OpenGov and #OpenData get the respect they deserve…so, I figured what better way than to create a few memes in their honour?  Since this will be a growing list, please let me know your favourite and any

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