Kestrel running Aurelia

Task Run Aurelia using Kestrel on Linux, Mac, or Windows. Why? I would like to get away from using IIS and IIS Express when doing client-side development on Windows. Prerequisites Install ASP.NET Core RC1. You also need a basic understanding of ASP.NET Core. Download the Aurelia starter kit. You also need a basic understanding of … Continued

Make Web Not War | Live From Montreal | Feb 5, 2016 | 9AM EST

Join us for a full day conference about web standards, open source and open data presented by Microsoft and LightHouse Labs. World-class speakers from Montreal’s premiere Open Source Community will speak about all aspects of web standards, open source, open data and open government and so much more. You’ll learn about the latest IETF & ECMA … Continued

Each release of ASP.NET meets a challenge

Each release of ASP.NET meets a challenge ASP.NET Core is the newest release of ASP.NET. It is open-source. That is because the software development community challenged Microsoft to release it as open-source, and because ASP.NET continues to meet customers’ challenges. If we want to understand something, we need to look at its history. Exploring the … Continued

Exploring JavaScript Game Frameworks

Last month I explored a number of JavaScript-based game frameworks in an attempt to pick the perfect one for my first game. I thought I’d take a moment to share four of them that really stood out to me, along with a few honerable mentions. Note that I’ve left a bunch off the list, as … Continued

Open Spatial Data Formats

The goal of this series of articles on spatial data is to help you deal with spatial data in your open data app or website. In order to do this, all of your spatial data must be in a common spatial reference system (SRS). In my last post I discussed the last piece of the … Continued

And the MWNW Icon Design contest winner goes to…

Since the re-launch in October 2013, Make Web Not War has truly grown into a diverse community of developers, designers, and technologists. All across Canada, tech enthusiasts are bringing their best ideas to the table and coming together to build awesome technology solutions. So we thought, what better way to help these passionate folks stay … Continued