Speaker Spotlight: Anthony Bartolo

Anthony helps solve wireless mobility communication challenges with business strategies that increase communications and reduce spending. Being an industry expert Anthony has specialized skills to define, implement and plan optimized business solutions through wireless enablement. Read on about his 15 years of experience within the wireless industry and what it’s provided him with.

Speaker Spotlight: Mark Reale is BACK!

Over the past few years, Mark has been able to cultivate his enthusiasm for communication, arts, technology and community into his daily living. As the Director of Research and Development at BNOTIONS, a Technology Agency based in Toronto, and the Co-Founder of the Yorkville Media Centre, a Training facility which focuses on introducing participants to the world of Digital Media, Mark’s focus is to bring the latest and most efficient technologies to his clients, and then share the techniques with the community at large. Read about why he decided to speak again at Make Web Not War, and what he’s looking forward to the most.

Speaker Spotlight: MWNW welcomes Lauren Bacon

We are happy to have Lauren Bacon speak at Make Web Not War 2011. Lauren will be speaking about “How asking questions creates loyal clients (and better websites)?” She started her design career during the web’s infancy; more than a dozen years later, she remains passionate about facilitating online communication and helping people connect heart-to-heart through technology.

Speaker Spotlight: MWNW welcomes Chris Nicola

Chris Nicola is software developer and team lead at iQmetrix working on XQ, a set of soon to be released Interactive Retail products. One component of this project involves building a distributable web based API layer to power various client application. In his spare time he dabbles in various languages and frameworks like Ruby and Node.js, contributes to .NET open source projects on Github like Nancy and nCQRS, is a co-organizer for the Vancouver ALT.NET group and an active member of VanDev and Agile Vancouver. We’re pumped to have him aboard!

Speaker Spotlight: Jamie Garratt

Make Web Not War team would like to introduce Jamie Garratt as a speaker for MWNW 2011. Jamie will do a session on Social Brands Platform.

Jamie has over 10 years of experience, he has been involved in the development of many highly recognized brands, with a core focus on digital media. As President of Idea Rebel, Jamie is responsible for providing strategic direction for the company as well as working directly with external clients and internal teams to ensure the successful delivery of world-class digital experiences. We asked Jamie a few things about MWNW…

Speaker Spotlight: CT Moore & Mohamed Hamad

We’re happy to welcome two great speakers: CT Moore and Mohamed Hamad. CT Moore is an accomplished blogger, journalist, podcaster, and speaker, with over 5 years’ experience in SEO. He’s consulted on web strategy for major brands, such as American Apparel, Yellow Pages, and Microsoft, as well as a number of media start-ups. CT currently works as an Account Strategist at NVI, the largest Search and Social shop in Canada. Mohamed Hamad is a web developer, information architect and technologist working in web and social media, with 5 years’ experience in managing social media applications and web systems. As such, we’re pleased to have them both speak at this year’s conference. Read on a for a few words from both.