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#OpenGov & #OpenData are the Daft Punk of Government

What is Open Government? What is Open Data? What better way to describe a monumental shift in the way people interact with their government than with Daft Punk?

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Building a Location-based App Using the Finder Template

The Windows 8 Finder Template is a template developed to allow developers to quickly and easily create a location based type application for the Windows 8 store. It allows a developer to easily pull existing point of interest data into

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Interview – Michael Dkmetzian on Mobile Open Source

This is the second instalment of our interview with Michael Dekmetzian (amickey_), a mobile developer we met at MobileCamp Montreal. In this clip, Michael discusses the fragmentation of open source mobile platforms and Nokia’s adoption of Windows Phone 7. Specifically,

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Interview – Michael Dekmetzian on JQuery Mobile

Meet Michael Dekmetzian (amickey_), a mobile developer we ran into at MobileCamp Montreal. We sat down with Michael during the event, and had a long chat about the world of mobile development. In this first instalment of our chat with

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Interview – Brendan Sera-Shriar from Presswork

Meet Brendan Sera-Shria (digibomb), a man who wears a lot of hats, but who most recently co-founded PressWork, an open source WordPress framework. Press Work is the first completely open source WordPress frameworks, and is HTML5 compliant. During our chat,

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Interview – Dov Amihod from Happy Stuff

Meet Dov Amihod (doooov), one of the founders of Happy Stuff, a mobile app the lets users buy and sell things locally. I recently had a chance to chat with Dov and ask him about his experience as a mobile

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