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Microsoft’s 7 Best Efforts in Open Source in 2010

2010 was a busy year for the Open Source team at Microsoft. The year was spent working to debunk the Evil Empire associations, showing our support for open source communities big & small, and improving interoperability. In the spirit of

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Express your Web

Working with Microsoft Products at the YMC Written by Mark Reale The only way you can really gauge the effectiveness of new tools is to put them through the rigors of your daily toil and see how they stand up.

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Last Saturday marked an important moment in the bridging of open source and Microsoft technologies. A group of about twenty local technology and social media enthusiasts gathered for the third season at the Yorkville Media Center, a place dedicated to

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Why try WebPI?

The Web Platform Installer (WebPI) gives you easy access to the latest components of the Microsoft web platform. But what advantage is there to have access to the Microsoft web platform? Marc-André Lanciault is the CEO of INBOX International and

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Taking a page from the Ubuntu playbook… PHP Bounties!

In the Open Source Community, bounties are not an uncommon sight. Firefox and Ubuntu frequently use bounties to reward programmers who take on the less sexier challenges in the coding world. When we were looking to help bring some popular

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