Dissecting Open Data app: Toronto Beaches for Windows Store

From user perspective, Open Data app is just one of the applications on his or her device. As any other app, it expected to be functional, well designed and easy to use.  In the same time, Open Data app developers have to consider several factors specific for this category of applications. Let us discusses these … Continued

Open Data: my journey from a test app to the City of Ottawa app contest

Hi! This is Andrei Marukovich from LunarFrog.com, a mobile application developer and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional. First time I came across the Open Data when looked for a kindergarten in my neighborhood. As it turned out, the City of Toronto not only has a web application for searching childcare facilities, but also provides a list … Continued

Swimming in Open Data and Montreal

At Make Web Not War, we love to spotlight great local developers and apps, particularly when it comes from the open data community. The following is an interview completed with Laurent Duveau from Montreal on his app “Swim in Montreal”. Start of Interview Rami: Hi Laurent, thank you for agreeing to chat with us, can … Continued

Bringing a Touch of Craftsmanship to the Touchscreen

Craftsmanship is the key to an app. It is the framework, the mindset, and the skills of designers and developers to mold a platform with all its inherent functions and flaws into an immersive experience that catches and captivates user. Crafting such an app on a Windows 8 touch surface is made more difficult by … Continued

Building a Location-based App Using the Finder Template

The Windows 8 Finder Template is a template developed to allow developers to quickly and easily create a location based type application for the Windows 8 store. It allows a developer to easily pull existing point of interest data into the app to display on a map. If no point of interest data is available, … Continued

MobileStartupsTO features: Designing & Developing for Windows 8

    Article written by Kevin Yu, marketing intern at People & Code. On May 8, 2013, People & Code hosted their MobileStartupsTO Special Feature: Designing & Developing for Windows 8. Presenters Ashley Arbour (Interactive Designer) and Mukul Seth (Interactive Developer) from Digiflare, a full service digital agency, talked to the group about their experiences … Continued