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Drupal & Bhangra.me


January 1, 2012 marked the close of the Bhangra.me: Vancouver’s Bhangra Story exhibition at the Museum of Vancouver. The web portion of the exhibit was powered by the Drupal framework happily running on IIS 7.5 / Windows Sever 2008, which

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Interview – Michael Dkmetzian on Mobile Open Source

This is the second instalment of our interview with Michael Dekmetzian (amickey_), a mobile developer we met at MobileCamp Montreal. In this clip, Michael discusses the fragmentation of open source mobile platforms and Nokia’s adoption of Windows Phone 7. Specifically,

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Interview – Dov Amihod from Happy Stuff

Meet Dov Amihod (doooov), one of the founders of Happy Stuff, a mobile app the lets users buy and sell things locally. I recently had a chance to chat with Dov and ask him about his experience as a mobile

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Fan-Made Windows Phone Video Makes a Splash at MIX11


Brandon Foy is a talented 24-year-old who inspired everyone at MIX11 with his creative Windows Phone apps video. Brandon, a recent graduate (and valedictorian) of Florida’s Full Sail University, was brought on stage by Joe Belfiore who announced that Brandon’s

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Halton Hacks for Open Data Hackathon Day

Intense hackery is occurring at Microsoft Canada today. In the name of International Open Data Hackathon Day, a group of geeks from London to Halton (and many places in between) are creating an app from Guelph‘s municipal data. This project

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The Seven Way(s) to Stand Apart


Article by Joey DeVilla

Tomi Ahonen, who does a lot of thinking about mobile phones and their impact, says that mobile phones have seven unique qualities that distinguish them from other mass media. Here’s my distillation of his seven things that set the phone apart…

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