Take your HTML5 skills, and build on Windows 8

One of the things I love about Windows 8 is the way I can create new applications. I don’t have to learn new programming language: I can use my actual HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills to build beautiful applications.

As I really like to do offline events, meet people, learn from others, and expert, I made a list of some of the Windows 8 events in Canada that could be awesome if you want to know more about the next version of our OS.

Design clinics

Having a successful application is not just about features, you need to think about the design. These events are design driven, so we will focus on how you can make a sexy application with the Metro design principles.

Toronto: May 10

Montreal: May 24



Developers, hackathons are like the best of the best for us: putting our hands in the code, and create something awesome in a short amount of time. This is where a lot of new startups were built!

Toronto: May 11

Montreal: May 24

Vancouver: June 4



These camps are the best place to get up to speed really quickly with Windows 8. In a combination of presentations, and labs, you’ll build a Windows 8 applications with the help of the experts.

Montreal: May 12

Calgary: May 12

Victoria: May 17

We will also announce soon camps in Ottawa, Vancouver, and Kitchener-Waterloo.


So many events to learn how to take the most of this new platform. If you prefer, you can also use your C++ or C# with XAML skills to build your next application. Be the first to build for this platform, and register quickly as they will be full really soon.