Unity adds support for Windows 8, Nintendo Wii U, and Windows Phone 8

Want to build your game once and put it on multiple platforms? Unity has announced they are adding support for Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Nintendo Wii U.Unity

It’s a problem all game developers face. Which platform will I build for? Android, iOS, Xbox Indie Games, Windows 8, Windows Phone, Nintendo, web, the list seems to get longer every year!

There is no question, if you want to build a game that is going to be a huge hit on a particular platform you are better off building natively for that device. When you build natively for one platform you can take advantage of it’s unique features and really make it shine. Whether it’s adding a great live tile on Windows 8, or using NFC on a mobile device, building for one platform helps make it stand out in that market.

But, sometimes, you just have a cool game idea and you just want to get it out there. You may not have the time and resources to develop natively for all the different platforms. That’s where tools like Unity can be interesting. Unity recently announced support for Nintendo Wii U, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

Unity 4.0 is currently in beta, but the existing versions of Unity already provide help with rendering, lighting, audio, physics, terrains, and networking. For someone getting started with gaming it’s an interesting option worth exploring. You can find out more about Unity at their website.