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Use a template, publish your Windows 8 app, and get 100$ – limited offer

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It’s already May, the summer is really taking place, the vacations are coming in a couple of weeks, and our partners are going crazy like this crazy frog! With the overwhelming feedbacks they had around some of the templates for Windows 8, they are improving the previous offer: use one of the templates listed below, publish your Windows 8 application before June 1st, and redeem a 100$ Visa card.

Where’s the catch?

There is no catch: download your preferred template, customize the application to make it yours, publish your application in the Windows Store, and redeem your gift card. Attention, the application need to be submitted before Junse 1st, the offer is limited until we have Visa cards, and it’s for Canadians only. Since the Windows Store account for individual is 49$, the card will reimburse the fees, and will leave you with 51$ to reward you for your effort. Even if you are looking for a business account at 99$, the card will reimburse all the fees. After that, you’ll have an account to publish any other application idea you have. If you already have a Windows Store account, keep the 100$ all for yourself!

Which templates can I use?

If you follow us, you probably hear a lot about the templates we liked at Make Web Not War, but let me give you a quick guided tour.

WordPress Template

Description – take your or self-hosted site and turn it into a Windows 8 app. More information in this previous blog post.

Programming Skills Required – Yes if you use the template on GitHub, None, if you use the online tool.

Download on GitHub

Use the online tool


Open Data Finder Template

Descriptionuse a JSON Open Data source to display points of interest on a map. More information in this previous blog post.

Programming skills – 200 level – you need to know enough to figure out what is open data, find a suitable JSON link, figure out the structure of the Open data and update the app to read the right fields, also requires creating Bing account which is free but is a little extra work.



Open Data Hero App Template

Description – users can crowd-source location-based data (e.g. fix-my-street type scenarios), with a way to submit & map points of interest, and a management back-end.  More information in this previous blog post.

Programming Skills – 200-300 as you have to customize the UI, JSON feed, and install the backend


Download the server

I want more!

I have a good news for you, there are other ways you can get rewards by creating your Windows 8 application. Firstly, you can submit your application to the Developer Movement, get some points, and exchange them for great rewards. It’s a good time to do so as the 3rd challenge is up, and you’ll double your points (more information in this previous blog post). If you are using one of the Open Data template, combined with an Open Data feed from the city of Ottawa, even if you are not in Canada, you can submit your application to Apps4Ottawa (more information in this previous blog post).

How can I redeem my visa card?

Since it’s a time limited, and until supply last offer, the first step for you, right after you finish reading this post is to send an email to to notify us your interest. It will give our partners a chance to keep a 100$ Visa card for you (keep in mind that the card will be held for a limited period of time, but we’ll let you know). The Make Web Not War team will also be there to help you with any questions on the offer, the templates, and any technical questions. To redeem your gift card, you’ll have to send us the Windows Store link of the Windows 8 application you built: it’s that easy! Note that the offer is not limited to one card per person, so the more quality applications you publish, the more money you’ll get. Thanks to IdeaNotion for this amazing offer (the offer does not apply if you used the other IdeaNotion offer for May, where they publish the application for yourself).