Web Standards, security & Azure runtimes

Picture1As we always try to find some great contents for you, I made another summary of great blog posts I found on the Web. This time, it’s all about Web standards and cloud computing.

Web Standards

I think I don’t have to tell you again: I am a big fan of Web Standards. Even if you know the basic, it’s not always easy to know how it’s working. Why it takes so long to add a feature in the standard? Why there is some part, by example, of HTML5 that are still in draft when other elements are nearly a final state? For our pleasures, Thomas did a blog post to help us understand more the process behind Web Standards.

Locking Your Doors and HTML5 Security

You may have some concern about the security with HTML5, and it’s a normal reaction. As Thomas said in his blog post about this topic, I also think that nothing is 100%, but your HTML5 application or website can be as secure as the effort you put in it to make it secure for your users.

Tossed Salad Served With an Azure Dressing

In the past weeks, I made some blog post for Windows Azure developers that want to use the cloud to leverage their Java and PHP applications. These, with .NET, are not the only technology you can use. Jonathan did a great blog posts that covers languages you can use with our cloud service, like Node.js, Ruby and Python. He also covers some other technologies like Apache Hadoop and MongoDB. A great read if you had any interest in the cloud.

I hope you’ll find these posts useful as I always try to propose you interesting topics around Web, cloud computing and mobility.