Web Warrior Sponsor Spotlight: BNOTIONS

BNOTIONS breathes digital. We are a socially conscious, Toronto-based technology development and internet strategy firm. Our goal is to deliver rich, dynamic applications while using the latest, most flexible technologies. Our approach has led the shift in mobile and web strategies to incorporate more dynamic uses of the online space in communication, marketing, and sales. Our development methodologies use an organic and iterative approach to deliver projects on-time and on-budget. Our respect for our clients informs our approach to usability as we build products that matter.

Why did you sponsor Make Web Not War?

Open Source technology and Community Initiatives compose so much of the core of BNOTIONS that Make Web Not War is a can’t-miss event for us. Last year’s event in Montreal was such a positive experience on so many levels, that we’ve been counting down the days to May 7, 2011.

What do you hope this event will help achieve?

We are hoping this event will help solidify an understanding of just how potent Open Source technologies are, and place an emphasis on why Interoperability is so vital to a healthy Technology industry. Our Open Source Initiative, The YMC (http://yorkvillemediacentre.com), seeks to achieve similar objectives, so we are on some Voltron-join-forces-for-the-better-good mentality at this event. Just like our slogan for our AndroidTO event said last year: Open Source, Open Mind.

What are you most looking forward to at the event?

The entire speaker roster looks solid. To be honest, we just wanna be there and take it all in. Last year, our Conference Evaluation App was a nice addition to the event, and we are hoping folks find it useful again this time around. Be sure to say ‘what up’ to Jack Myers (@PHHJack), Nick Wynja (@nickwynja), and Mark Reale (@markreale) who will all be there representing the BNOTIONS crew.

Making Web is Good. Making War: not so much.

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