By: Nik Garkusha, May 27, 2010

Update: FRENCH translation and commentary also available compliments Renoir Boulanger@renoirb )

Microsoft contributing to Open Source projects? Distributing Open Source PHP apps with its web platform? Supporting PHP on Windows? Bringing WordPress to Azure? Organizing Make Web Not War and MonDev?
Has “the empire” gone soft? Is it an evil ploy to take over the world?
Why the @&*# is Microsoft doing all this??

Some say it’s for the love of technology, web developers and designers. Some say we’re desperate, and being forced to “deal” with Open Source. Others, like the many open source communities we work with worldwide and in Canada: PHP Quebec, Impress CMS, TikiWiki, Vanilla Forums, Status.net, PHUG and many others, say it’s good for their projects, as it exposes those PHP apps to more people, particularly those who run Windows “shops”. We couldn’t agree more.

But it also just makes good business sense!

The reality of today is mixed IT environments, and our customers look to have the best experience with our platforms. They want to be able to easily find, deploy and manage any software, including Open Source. Open source is about collaboration, participation and working toward the benefit of the end-users and of the community. That is why we, Microsoft, want to participate, contribute, get involved like other organizations and companies do today. It adds value to our platform, makes for happy customers and good partners – helping grow communities, and bringing more business to web developers who make a living building on Open Source stacks.

That’s why our small but agile team is actively looking to build relationships with Open Source communities, web shops, and PHP developers – so that we can learn, find ways to compliment each others’ objectives, and get involved to help optimize the code for Microsoft platforms and provide a better end-user experience.

Open is also about being open to feedback and commentary from the community, and we welcome all feedback we get and will always respond as honestly and directly as we can.

So, if you are reading this because you got a fancy blue pad with webnotwar.ca link, we want to chat with you! Please find us at Make Web Not War – we’re the people probably wearing one of the RED shirts like this…

… or the people in the corner getting kicked (let’s hope not)…

… and if you are not at the event, please send us a tweet @PHPonWindows or feel free to rant, I mean, comment below!

Nik G
Open Source Strategy Lead at Microsoft Canada
twitter: @Nik_G

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9 comments on “WHY THE @&*# IS MICROSOFT DOING THIS?
  1. http:// says:

    “Interoperability is not a feature. It is a requirement.”
    – Joel Perras

  2. Nelson says:

    Microsoft has been reading Google’s playbook and picking up a few new tricks :O

  3. Trying to get away from their “Embrace and extinguish” past. Seems sincere enough,

  4. Nik says:

    @Dac Chartrand >> Thanks Dac! Are you at MWNW this year? FTW! finals are going on today, as you probably know :)

  5. Nik says:

    @Nelson >> Trix are for kids :)

  6. @Nik: Yup. I’m at MWNW this year. Great event. Very swanky. I’m lurking in the codefest area on Web PI stuff. Good times.

  7. Let’s be frank about it firsthand. I am using Linux in my everyday life since 2003. Windows machines had since then been in virtual machines or spare, mostly shut-down, machines. I just made that choice because I love to feel that my computer considers me intelligent by default.

    Apart of that, I did a considerable quantity of websites and I had to use HTML and CSS through the browser wars. You know, having to do lots of code conditions and re-re-re define presentation for many historical reasons. I can say I had a hard time earning my money while supporting all this.

    I’m not the only one who’ve been through this.

    That tells you the kind of relationship I had with Microsoft products.

    I think Microsoft is doing this to, at last (!), listen to what we, computer-literate-people, wants to have as a platform. If they are willing to listen, my past experiences could be shared. I’m willing to share and that’s what Open-Source is all about: sharing.

    Industries and big names have to listen to the community because it is the community that builds standards that industrials build material that can work together.

    Without that…

    trains would never go across countries.

    The www would had never existed… and if it did, in a proprietary fashion, it would had been created anyway.

    sudo or user elevation is a concept not to be patented.

    you get my idea.

    We all have to make things work together to get to a greater good. Access to data, good and healthy competition because it drives to innovation and so forth.

    So. I think this, is a part of the reason of why Microsoft is doing this.

    Cheers and let’s make a truce. ;)

  8. Nik says:

    @Renoir B >> Thank you for a very insightful comment. You’re right, we’re mostly in listen, learn and try to understand mode, and adapt our platform to keep “things working together”.

  9. Michaelnus says:

    I’m just chomping at the bit to read the newest blog post on Port25.

    Let’s have it then!

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