Who You’ll Meet at Microsoft Open Data Demo Hours


Tomorrow’s the day!

Microsoft Yorkdale is hosting the first ever Open Data Demo Hours between 2pm and 6pm.  Here’s some background on the presenters you’ll meet and the tools they are using to change public service access for the better:



Be Informed, Be Engaged, Be Represented


WEBSITE:               http://citizenbridge.org/

CitizenBridge is a not-for-profit civic engagement organization creating an online platform that will allow Canadians and their elected representatives to have a conversation about the issues at the Federal, Provincial, and Municipal levels of government.

Now, more than ever, we have the opportunity to create a government that is accessible, engaging, and transparent. We believe that using the power of technology to connect constituents with their elected representatives will strengthen the overall well-being of our communities.

Key Points:

–          Helps people understand/review elected representatives activities and issues that impact communities

–          Not-For-Profit engagement organization creating online platform that allows Canadians and their elected representatives to have conversations about the issues




 Helping Canadians Access Healthcare

WEBSITE:               http://www.iamsick.ca/

iamsick.ca leverages data and technology to help Canadians navigate the healthcare system.  Our website and mobile apps help patients find nearby emergency rooms, walk-in clinics, and pharmacies.  Patients can use the website/app to book appointments to see doctors or pharmacists, and we also have a “virtual waiting room” with live wait-times that let’s patients avoid having to sit in the waiting room.  Currently, iamsick.ca shows all healthcare options in Ontario, and it will soon expand to Canada-wide coverage.


–          Helps you find nearest health service and/or provider

–          Find service provider who speaks your mother tongue

–          Virtual wait room – register before you arrive


–          Virtual wait room – register before you arrive



The Personal Trainer for your Mapping Project

Learn QGIS is a personal trainer that helps people learn GIS digital mapping skills and connects them with geospatial guides who can advise them and help them succeed. 

WEBSITE:               http://mapyourproperty.com/

LearnQGIS recognizes that more and more people outside the traditional GIS industry are trying to use open data and open source mapping tools to support their work in all different fields. Today, lots of high quality geospatial data is freely available under an open license and anyone can make a map using open source tools like QGIS. QGIS gives you the power to visualize, edit, query and understand open data. You can use it to combine data from different sources – including your own proprietary information – and publish maps on paper or online. LearnQGIS.com offers mentoring and in-person training in geographic fundamentals and GIS tools and techniques.



–          Program that teaches QGIS data mapping

–          Empowers those who take course to understand, use, visualize Open Data


Land Mapping Solutions for Planners and Developers


WEBSITE:               http://mapyourproperty.com/

MapYourProperty is an all-in-one mapping and analytic platform for the land development and real estate industry.  Our online tool streamlines the due diligence process for any property with development potential.  Map Your Property can produce this information in a matter of minutes using powerful cloud data solutions.

Key Points:

–          Provides by-law zoning, floodplain, land use areas, permitted uses for property using Ontario, Region, City and Conservation Authority information

–          Provides hundreds of maps and zoning information



Think Data Works

What is Open Data?

WEBSITE:               http://thinkdataworks.com/

ThinkData is a Toronto-based open data startup that aggregates information from all levels of government, allowing developers, businesses, and citizens to access high value data in standard useable formats. They work with businesses of all sizes, from blue chip organizations providing services to millions of people to small startups trying to disrupt a specific sector, by identifying relevant open data and building constant access into their product or service. ThinkData has an authoritative voice in the open data community and advises all levels of government on open data adoption and best practices.


–          Collects Open Data form all levels of government in one place

–          Works with organizations to apply Open Data for their business

–          Advises all levels of government about Open Data