Curtain Closes on MonDev 2010

By: Jenna Hoffman, June 11, 2010

I think I can say that I’ve finally recovered from Montreal Open Source Week! From the DevTrain to the epic finale that was Make Web Not War, the week was action-packed.

One of the hands-down, best things about MonDev was the way it brought people together. Throughout the entire week, I watched people with great ideas and drive connect IRL, an opportunity that doesn’t happen enough, it seems. This generated a lot of great discussion, with a few themes that stood out:

1) Interoperability

If you walked away with one message from Make Web Not War, it was that interoperability is necessary. The keynote of the event, given by Joël Perras, really laid a nice foundation for discussions around interoperability to follow. He described how all “makers of the web” essentially have the same goal: to give consumers of the Internet a seamless experience. This common ground that we all share is a springboard for generating ideas to tackle challenges surrounding interoperability. I’m interested to see/hear of any related ideas that came to you after the event.

 2) Standards

Lack of standards are the worst! I’m currently working on a Toshiba that should have been put down two years ago because my Mac is having severe compatibility issues with external drivers. Imagine a world where all you have to do is plug in a USB and the device will simply WORK. Herein lies the issue with standards. Everyone has their own idea of what is “best,” so that’s what they use. Unfortunately, most of the “best” things don’t work well with each other (think: iPhone & Flash). Without a doubt, a need to determine what tools are best and set some sort of standards by these decisions has been identified.

3) Open Data

Open data’s generating a lot of curiosity. In the FTW Coding Competition, two of three finalist apps used OData and the crowd chose Find-A-Home, an OData app that gives homes ratings based on their proximity to public service locations, to win it all. There’s a ton that can be done with OData; check out The Last Mile for Open Data or Edmonton Releases OData for more information on how you can build something cool. If you’ve got anything in the works, be sure to drop me a line!


MonDev is over, *sigh*, but if you’re looking for more, check this out: GovCamp comes to Toronto June 17th. If you’re interested in OData, this unconference is for you! Hope to see you there!


I “borrowed” this video from Safe Kids Zone. Joey rocks pretty hard.




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One comment on “Curtain Closes on MonDev 2010
  1. Hi Jenna – just catching up on your blog vis-a-vis your sitting in on the “entering the blogosphere” table at GovCamp, June 17. Nice to meet you and keep up the open data discussion – I’m also not a fan of the wild wild west of technology – I use both Mac and PC and get grief in either place (shocking to the Mac cult I know).

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